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My "second story" fish tank? Well, it works for the Color Crazy Challenge!

 I got six glo-fish. The tank has a lot of pink in it along with a pink fish and a little plastic frog! Perfect for Pink Week! Actually pink week runs two weeks. We have another full week of pink next in the Color Crazy Challenge. 

Okay, here’s the deal.

 I had read a small amount on how to care for my fish… number one beginners mistake. (only doing a small amount of research) 

I had owned a goldfish as a kid, and later a beta in fact I still had the 2.5 gallon tank from the beta. 

I did do some research, but it is a new breed of fish genetically modified to glow under florescent light. The information was conflicting on how many you should keep in which sized tank. More stories than not said that glo-fish live in schools and need to be together in a school, that a 10 gallon tank would be fine for six fish.  

A few months after I got them I noticed that they really needed more room. They seemed cramped as they all like to “sleep” or the equivalent to it by themselves and always picked the same area each time. Two or three would fight over the prime sleeping or hiding spots. 

Anyway, here is what I did. 

The 2.5 gallon tank is a triangle shape, with three corners. I took three crystal wine glasses and filled them halfway with aquarium safe white sand, and filled one with green fake jewels, and one with turquoise, and one with purple the rest of the way up. 

I then took my 2.5 gallon tank and turned it upside down and put it on the three wine glasses. 

Then I took some small clear tubing that I had and ran the tube up to the top of the smaller tank and siphoned the air out.  This creates a suction keeping the tank full of water. 

It took a few weeks for the fish to figure out that you could go up. lol. 

 Here is a shot showing the front of the tank and one of the wine glasses. Looking up! 

And the green one. Look closely and you can see pink fish and green fish’s tail. 

The one below is different. It is a reflection to outside.. And the green glass.

Then the blown out heart in this one was kind of neat. 

Pink and Blue fish say hello! Look closely and you can see purple fish behind Blue fish and Pink fish. 

Orange fish, saying mirror mirror on the wall… 

And this one is Nickel my cat’s reflection, Green Fish and Purple Fish are hiding.

They have nothing to fear, Nickel would of never made it on the fishing boats, she doesn’t like fish, she doesn’t like the aquarium and she thinks they are water bugs, ew. Gross. WET and GROSS.  

Lastly..Purple fish says goodbye. It is the end of purple week on Sunday.. 

Next week we have Pink only as I have reached the end of the rainbow! We are not done with the Color Crazy Challenge. After pink week, the following week will be Black and White, and Sepia. 

Have fun posting Pink! Get ready for Black and Whites! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Beads n’ tanks! A perfect color combo but more green, please and thanks. I think the pink works well in the drink and and I know that fish like to rise to high ranks.
    I’m taking some new “glow in the dark beads” fishing, I hope they catch something because my bio luminescence whiskers are dimming…Grinning.

    • I had to admit, I thought of my catfish friend when I was stacking the beads. I had tried some real plants, but I am doing something wrong. Now I am leaning towards a natural dirt bottom, with sand on top. The plants I bought were supposed to do well in sand. 🙁 not so. lol.
      The pink works well and Pink Fish hangs out around them to blend.. So does Orange Fish… Now, I have colors that match all the fishes in the tank for prime blending time ~ ~ ~ Remember do not let your whiskers ever go completely dim….

      • You know I only trigger ones ascetic or aromatic senses in the finest places. Why wouldn’t you think of me?
        Whew, made myself blush with that. My face hurts too.
        Plants, my neo-extra-aquatic affishianado, (Whoa, I am on! Grin), are more fickle than the fish. Until there is enough healthy bacteria generated, plants need food. Further, some fish, not me!, eat plants, well okay, but I didn’t eat yours. Try one of the trefoils yet? Put a Lotus in there! Ha! Diminished whiskers. Funny that, bio luminescence recharges chemically when I sleep, disapating during active hours. You can tell when I’m getting tired! Lit whiskers, fins n’ glowing green grins, SpLaSh! >-=^;>


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