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365 Photos Challenge Day #66, Just for fun ~ sky, and Color Crazy Black and White week!

All rolled into one.. How’s that for multitasking!

The 365 Photos Challege: This photo a day challenge is really fun and anyone can join the challenge anytime. Please share this and challenge your friends as well. Check out the rules here: 365 Photos Challenge.

The Color Crazy

The Just For Fun Challenge

This article also continues my hike in Southern California posted here.

I continue my walk..

#1 Along the path

The trail sometimes narrows and gets very green. You can always tell when water is close. 

  1. I am interested in this challenge, but it seems to take several days to get my posts approved. I’m still learning how this works. I’ve wondered how to know if posts are denied? And How to get the chat bubble to close at the bottom right corner, from where “Natalie” messaged me and answered a few questions, but hasn’t responded to other ones, or approved my posts for days.

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#2 Just for fun theme is SKY

My look up photo! The trees start to get taller as you get closer to water. In the spring the ravines will usually have water. The creek here is always present. 

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#3 Under the canopy of Live Oak Trees and bushes.

The trail darkens. The path leads to the water.. 

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#4 Meika heading to the water.

Hey, I did have dogs with me... They do stay with me, just not always in sight. She is a blur.. 

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#5 Dead wood

Has a lot of cool textures. I liked the Live Oak Leaves as well. 

#6 Just for Fun Challenge

It's old, does it belong in Sepia? 

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#7 Find the Dog Game?

Penny puts in an appearance.. 

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#8 Same as above

But this one shows Does it work for the just for fun challenge? 

#9 The dogs

Penny just doesn't understand how Meika could like to get wet. EW. 

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#10 Meika Collage

She doesn't understand why Penny doesn't just hop on in for a nice refreshing dip. 

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