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The Water and Stuff ~ Color Crazy Challenge ~ Just for Fun Challenge (sky) ~Color Crazy Challenge (B & W)

This is my day #67 in The 365 Photos Challege:

This photo a day challenge is really fun and anyone can join the challenge anytime. Please share this and challenge your friends as well. Check out the rules here: 365 Photos Challenge.

Starting off where I left in my previous post found here.

An edit of the above photograph.

A boulder and broken tree along the bank of the creek.

For the Color Crazy Challenge, I turned it into a black and white pictured below. The link for this challenge is here.

The water..

Meika in a far out edit..

One for the color crazy in black and white…

and this palm..

and the same palm in an edit..

This one is for the Just for Fun Challenge, it is a reflection of the blue sky in the water. You can find this challenge here.

Another reflection.

This rock seems cut in half by the stream, it just hangs on the bank..

Looking down the creek.

Looking upstream there is Meika again!

Just for fun challenge ~ The reflection of the blue sky in the water : D

The same rock from above.

This is long, but I will show you the rest of the hike. Read on for more.


The end, until next time that is….

Have a great day.


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    • Photoshop is so much more…. I really love that program. I tried the 30 day trial and was so impressed. I spent many hours playing with photos. Its so much fun.