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Just for fun (oh yeah and Car Crazy)

Ellie, Carol, and Kim often combine challenges. So, no the car in the picture is not sepia!

It is one of the first cars I owned. A diesel ford Escort.Back when I was first teaching school this car was a savior. I filled it at the beginning of the month, and went everywhere I wanted!

Today’s Just for fun share!

First, Apollo 11, the first human beings to make it to the Moon and return safely!

Do you know the word that Neil Armstong was missing in his famous moon landing speech?

Here is a really fun time-lapse of a seed to a flower!

One last fun time-lapse to share today! This one is of sunrise, to sunset New York City!!!!!

Anyone can join the Just for Fun Challenge!

just post with the title – Just for Fun.

then add video, pictures or other things you find funny or interesting!


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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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