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JFF – Tree Challenge

Once again, @Kim_Johnson brings us a challenge. This one is regarding trees, and I just so happened to be working on a tree piece, so I am up for a challenge…

#1 rough sketch

Actually, it isn't a tree at all... It is a gateway between our world and the fair realms, but it looks like a tree so I hope it still qualifies

Does my explanation confuse you? Perhaps if you see it in context below that might clear some things up...

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#2 sneak peek

See, it is a gateway. But this piece is going to need a lot of work before you see it again. I wouldn't have even posted it at all if it weren't for Kim and her pesky challenges. I am such a sucker for peer pressure

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What do you think?

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  1. Some trees have a spring coming up them and spewing out, you have a ram guy! Great work as always. I like how you caught the light in his eyes, and his skin looks like a photograph.