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Fairies – omake

Since today is #internationalfairyday, I’ve decided to show you some of the fae I’ve done over the years. But since I really just found out about it today, I didn’t find a whole lot of them…

#1 seelie fae

according to the Scots, the fae are divided into two courts; seelie and unseelie. which is to say light and dark fairies...

8 points

#2 unseelie fae

she's so dark, there weren't even any lights in this pic. which is another way of saying this is just a test render

8 points

#3 rough sketch

here she is in an alternate pose

7 points

#4 cicada winged fae

she looks like the standard fairy, about a foot tall

6 points

#5 underpainting

I really like the background here, it looks like bokeh and underpainting at the same time

6 points

#6 different pose

this background is more underpainting and less bokeh

6 points

#7 same pose

she looks surprised

6 points

What do you think?

14 points


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