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Fairy – WIP

It has been a while since the last time I did one of the fae and by Circe it’s time for me to fix that. Originally I was going to do a motion blur on the wings but that isn’t going to happen for this piece. She is obviously one of the lowest ranking members of the seelie court and I’ve based her wing design off of cicadas because I like their look

#1 work in progress

I still want to put an interference effect on the wings but it is becoming increasingly clear to me that I'll need to do that in post. I have some studies of the wings with that effect but I forgot to post them. Next time...

#2 alternate

Slightly different pose and facial expression along with a different treatment of the wings. Which style do you think is better?

#3 rough sketch

This rough sketch was done back before I had discarded the idea of doing a motion blur for the wings, hence the looser sketch lines around them. Uncertain how successful that was to implying motion but it is a fun look nevertheless

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