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Captured Fae – poll

Now that you’ve had some time to review the captured fae in the proper context, perhaps you’d care to vote for your favorite color scheme? You can still check out the captured fae’s placeholder background versions if you would like to the the fairies in full size…

  • which color scheme do you prefer?

    • blue
    • duotone
    • tan
    • pink
  • do you have a better color scheme in mind?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

11 points


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  1. OK….. Now I voted….. What I think is that she is the best in pink and duotone schemes because it adds the best to her color – the contrast becomes pretty nice and her color is kinda enhanced… But, I also kinda liked the first choice in a way – the blue one, but now that the choices turned into small ones and in a different order than before the voting I like the tan one too, so I think actually the way you put them also affects the colors of the ones besides them… :///
    Maybe the pink one is the best because of its warm color…, not sure….. ://///

  2. I don’t know why voting in the article isn’t working so sorry for not voting… But…, is she actually the same in all the choices only the fairy is different…..? ;/} At first I thought she is different but actually the fairy influences her color… So, not sure which one to vote, I like many of them, hehehehehe ; )))

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