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captured fae preview – WIP

it seems like I confused some of you with the captured fae’s placeholder background. I want to do a poll for the fae, but if you don’t consider this environment when you vote then it won’t be helpful since this is the background it will be occupying

#1 duotone

I haven't done any sort of postwork here either since that also tends to confuse the issue...

4 points

#2 blue

you can also call out color schemes if you think you know of one which would work better than what you see here

3 points

#3 pink

I don't want to go crazy with a dozen variants, but I would consider doing one or two

3 points

#4 tan

I might not be able to do your color scheme, but I will at the very least consider it

2 points
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What do you think?

5 points


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