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Honeysuckle ~ Day 168

Japanese honeysuckle is starting to bloom in my garden. It is on the fence not far from the hummingbird feeder. They love the sweet nectar from the blooms. The butterflies and some birds enjoy the blooms as well. And I love the sweet fragrance. Takes me back to my childhood. I like having plants in my yard that evoke good memories. Nature is so rewarding. This honeysuckle bush started out as an eight inch long vine on my fence. It has turned into a bush that comes back each year with more blooms. A definite must have for your garden. As the days go by there will be more yellow in the center of the pink. That is where the nectar comes from.


365 Photos Challenge Day 168


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Written by Carol DM


  1. I was just thinking about getting a few plants. I love honeysuckle. The flowers are so pretty, even the white, and that smell is so awesome.