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Marigolds – Day 154

I was out running errands earlier. All of the spring flowers are out for sale. We had frost this morning so I am hesitant to start planting. But I did get a tray of marigolds to start with. The butterflies like these even though they have a strong odor that keeps other insects away, and they are a pretty color. They actually come in many different colors. Maybe they will brighten up my deck. And my day as well.

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I found out some useful facts about marigolds I was not aware of:

  • For years, farmers have included the open-pollinated African marigold ‘Crackerjack’ in chicken feed to make egg yolks a darker yellow.
  • The bright petals of signet marigolds add color and a spicy tang to salads and other summer dishes.
  • The flower petals are sometimes cooked with rice to impart the color of saffron.
  • ‘Mexican Mint’ (sometimes called Texas tarragon) is a sturdy little herb that can be substituted for French tarragon in cooking. This species has been long used in Latin America for tea as well as seasoning.

365 Photos Challenge Day 154


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  1. Somehow, in Indonesia many who call the beautiful marigold as chicken feces flower.

    This flower is known to have many benefits. Marigold flower petals are used to make excellent eye-washers. Marigold is also used in homeopathic and conventional treatments as an ointment for wound healing. Marigold has antiseptic, stimulant and anti-fungal properties. In addition, marigolds contain pure lutein that is beneficial to the human eye.

  2. I found some curious information about him. This plant is a kind of barometer – if after 7 o’clock in the morning its flowers remain closed, it means that it will rain during the day.