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Another What is it Quiz – Answers

On Wednesday I posted a quiz seen here.

The object of the quiz was to guess what the photograph was of. Thank you all for your participation, I hope you had fun. As promised I will show you the original photos along with the ones used in the quiz.

I thought it might be interesting to see what the photographs really looked like.

Enjoy, and look for more quizzes like this to come.

The first one was this.

The choices were Manta Ray, Snake, Bird or Flower.

It was a bird eating bugs under the bark of a Eucalyptus Tree.

Number 2 was this.

The choices were, Hummingbird, Flying Fish, Trout and Blue Jay.

The answer was Hummingbird.

Number 3 was this.

The choices were Eagle, Hawk, Blue Jay or Sparrow.

It was a Hawk. She’s my buddy, it took many hours for her to get comfortable around a camera. She loves to hang out in the tree out my back door.

Number 4 was..

The choices were Peacock, Road Runner, Heron or Crane, or Butterflies.

It was a Great Blue Heron.

Number 5 was this.

The choices were Cat, Dog, Fish or Snail.

It was kittens in a basket. They all fell asleep in the basket and I moved the basket onto the paper cutter.

Number 6 was this.

The choices were Dragonfly, Stick Bug, Spider or Dog.

It was a dragonfly that was just hatched and unfolding her wings.

Number 7 was this.

The choices were Snail, Peacock, Dog or Butterfly.

It was a snail.

Number 8 was this.

The choices were Spider, Mite, Beetle, June Bug.

It was a black Beetle.

Number 9 was this.

The choices were Flower, fish, bird, or sea anemone.

It was a Pelican resting.

Lastly was this one.

The choices were eggs, seals, fish or cats.

It was seals on the beach.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the originals, look for the next quiz coming soon.

Have a great day!

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