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Nightmares you say?

A few days ago I made a quiz of the not so fuzzy and warm wildlife in my area. Here is the quiz.

The object of the quiz was to find out what each photo was. 

Here are the answers and originals for the quiz. 

1. The first one was an original of a crawfish or crawdad. Anyone ever had crawfish etouffee? It’s super good. 

2. I asked if these little guys were dangerous. You bet they are! Have you ever heard of the Schmidt Sting Index? The rate at number 3, the only stings more painful are the Bullet Ant and the Tarantula Hawk. 

3. I asked what kind of ant they were.. The are Harvester Ants. I have been stung 5 times all at once. I wanted to go the hospital. They are bad, I couldn’t walk for two weeks, I got stung on my foot. The sting lasted 48 hours. 48 hours of the most intense pain I have ever felt, and I have had two kids.. 

4. The eggs sacs were in a plastic ball..

5. Two damselflies mating. I asked which was the female. Females are brown.

6. Was a cow ant, and it is not an ant. Ants have 8 legs, this only has six. 

7. The back of this moth looked like a grumpy old man to me..

8. Was not dangerous.. It was a skipper butterfly.

9. We found a starfish with one leg missing. I asked what the cropped version was. No worries, they grow back.

10. I asked what was wrong with the image. It was missing a leg. Looks like one leg already grew back, see the length of the leg on the bottom left? 

11.  This crab was the tiniest one I have ever seen.

12.  Was a starfish..

13. Was a Sea Anemone. I used to call them sea enemies when I was a kid. 

14. Was an original of a pink caterpillar. 

15. I showed this photo. The thing is, is the caterpillar from above and the one below is a the same one. The only difference is is that I took it off of my petunia, and put it on the cement patio. Before my eyes his color started to change to green. About a half an hour later he was mostly green. I tried looking this up and cannot find a color changing caterpillar. Most people probably got this question wrong.

16. My son was holding a big starfish.

17. I was holding a crab.

18. Was a spider’s butt. Below is the original of a orb weaver. It was huge!! I accidentally hit it with the water hose, see the drops? 

19. A dragonfly landed on the dog’s collar. 

20.  Was a daddy long legs. They found evidence that these have been around for 400 million years in a fossil.


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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