Angels Billabong ~ 365 Photos Challenge #51

After reaching a full number of 50 yesterday, I continued the challenge of this 365 Photos Challenge for the 51st day. If you would like to join in and challenge yourself to a photo a day, here are the rules and guidelines.

Today, this morning, by ushered, served and guided by some of my clients’ employees, I have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Nusa Penida Island – Bali for once again. About forty minutes to cross by boat from Sanur beach, given the time is not much, we went straight to Angel’s Beach Billabong.

After walking about 300 meters from Pasih Uug Beach, crossed the hill with the path and finally reached the area full of rocks because of its location which is located on the edge of the cliff on the beach. So we were walking on the beach while listening to the roar of the waves in the distance until we finally reached a place where the bottom of this location looks like a natural swimming pool with turquoise color water which is very different with the color of seawater though is adjacent with ultramarine color. Hmmm… unique scenery, but so different in color, amazing, beautiful!

A local resident seemed engrossed in fishing with bamboo.

Once we satisfied just enjoy the beauty and without swimming on the beach, we visited another location.

Just one more, namely Pura in Desa Pakraman Sebunibus. Although it is not a much-visited temple however it has its own majesty. Pura is a temple, name for the Hindu Balinese worship place. I really like to visit places that have a magical feel.

What do you think?

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  1. These places are for me. Albert knows where I live and what the sea is to me. On the first picture the water is in different colors. This is called “Flowering the Sea”. And the waves play their lovely dance. Oh, the Sea! Oh, the Sea! It stays in me … It is probably what saves me.

  2. Cliffs are amazing place to be alone especially with the waves roaring as if trying to challenge its strength. I like sitting down on its edge and watching the vast sea or ocean — it is kinda lonely in the sense that it makes one feels insignificant in this wide world.

    • The Balinese are art society, with or without them knowing it. Everything they make or do in general is bhakti and or with ritual nuance. No wonder if Bali is filled with various works of art. Oh Kim, if you are who go to this beach, you will take thousands of photos! I’m sure of that!

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