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365 Photos Challenge Day #49 Sunset in the hood!

While at my sons house the other day I stepped outside to this fabulous array of colors. This is his view from his back yard. I thought I would share it for my day fourty NINE!!! This has been a really awesome challenge with many participants. The photos are awesome! 

Have a great day and if you would like to join in and challenge yourself to a photo a day feel free to join in, no nomination or invitation required as you can see from the original post here at rules and guidelines.


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Written by Kim_Johnson


    • Day 50 today. I feel like I just crossed a hurdle. No worries on your number, what is important is that you are taking part in this. And life does get in the way, I just have a lot of time on my hands lately. Which I hope will soon change. ; ) Keep on keepin’ on. Love your photos.

      • I think I am only around 25 or so lol…but yes life does get in the way! Well it’s nice to have a lot of time on your hands sometimes…but don’t want to get bored either!

        Thank you! I love your photos as well!

        • That’s nothing to sneeze at Courtney, 25 is a lot if you think about it. I rarely get bored, always something to do.. My mom used to say, Go clean your room! Or go take out the trash. She had a whole list of stuff if you ever uttered the words, I am bored.

          • Yes, 25 is still a lot too…just think I am not really following the challenge rules since I am not posting daily lol.
            That’s a good point…there is always something that can be done…I’ll have to remember that for when Eli tells us he’s bored!

          • Not many people are and that’s okay. We all know this is a hard challenge to post one a day, but its not a problem. Whos counting… : ) I have messed up on my numbers a few times. lol. No one noticed.