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365 Photo Challenge – Day31

What is your favorite place of the house? Some would say kitchen, some would choose bedroom and some would pick living room. I do not know if there are people like me who would say —- BATHROOM. Why not, coconut? Regardless of whether I am working, travelling or at home, every single day of my days starts with the bathroom. That is where I go to first thing in the morning – to shower in order to kick off sleep and sluggishness from my system. Then brush my teeth and go back to the bedroom to have coffee and short chat (more likely, bantering) with my cousins and sister before we all attend to daily works.

Bathroom is a thing equal to luxury and comfort for me. Where else can you go for relaxing and soothing at the beginning and end of your day? When you want peace and quiet, when you want to hide your tears — there is no place like it. And when you are happy? Well, don’t you ever sing in the shower?

So, bathroom is also the first thing I check when I stay in any hotel. Let me tell you why I suddenly find it interesting to talk about bathroom of all things.

For the last 13 days, we have been using Air BnB mainly because the girls and I are travelling with my cousin’s family and we need big space and more rooms without breaking the bank. However, when we get back to Seoul, South Korea, we decided to stay in a hotel instead to be closer to places we would like to check out and the train station for ease of transportation. We found DH Naissance Hotel Dongdaemun thru It is 55-km away from Incheon International Airport and very near the Subway Line 4.

Guess what? It is a 3-star hotel but you could not tell judging from their bathrooms — yes, these pictures belong to the room we occupied there. Take a look. It has a whirlpool bathtub and a separate shower with fancy shower head.

And notice the big bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Commonly, we only find small bottles of basic supply even in 5-star hotels (unless you booked the expensive rooms).  A body sponge and feminine wash are also included.

And looky look…DH Naissance provides more than just the basics — face wash, facial toner and moisturizer, cologne, shaving cream, hair gel, hair spray and face mask.

This…this is the thing that impressed me most for its efficiency. A toilet with built-in button-operated bidet! I have to mention that this seems to be a common facility (in houses and hotels) in South Korea except in public comfort rooms. Hey, it aims nicely at the target lol! For someone who cannot clean up without water and soap or wash (tissue is just not enough), this invention just wows me. Seriously.

The staff of the hotel are accommodating and helpful. Plus, you get a welcome pizza with a bottle of vitamin-c drink on your first day. Breakfast is free and they have an English-speaking staff named Charlie.

I will talk more about DH Naissance when I find time to write about my travel to Korea.

In the meantime, ciao!


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  1. Hii,, I had liked to stay at 3 star hotels as well as 5 star among others here in Europe. . I want to say that this bathroom seems to be a 5-star hotel room, not a 3-star hotel. good for them! in Europe I do not think you will find a 3 star hotel that has rooms with such a bathroom. if I’m wrong with someone!

    • A 3-star hotel would normally have a simple, small bathroom with shower, sink and toilet only. DH Naissance is something else because the General Manager even provides free welcome pizza which is quite tasty (yum!) and vitamin-c drink. The bathroom supplies are of good quality as well. They have affordable rates too.