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365 Photo Challenge – Day27

American philosopher, author of self-help books and motivational speaker Dr. Walter Wayne Dyer said:

“RECAPTURE the childlike feeling of wide-eyed excitement, spontaneous appreciation, cutting loose and being full of awe and wonder in this magnificent universe.”

The sense of wonder and total abandon – these childlike qualities are what we lose once we started adulting. Slowly, we begin to understand that while adulthood grants us independence we so crave as a child, it also comes with responsibility and accountability which, at times, we shirk from as an adult. Many of us tend to swing back and forth between adolescence and adulthood. We wanted freedom but at the same time we desire to be protected or controlled — to be not absolutely responsible for our life and so we have the concept of destiny as if everything is pre-determined. It is, up to a certain extent, contrived, yes. However, life is a test; we must give it our best shot — play our cards well and give our all at whatever level we are in.

Yet, while at it, we must not forget our sense of wonder — of being in awe with how beautiful life is or can be. Every now and then, we should live and enjoy life like a child.

I practice what I preach — I walk the talk. In that line, when the girls and the kids asked me to go snow sledding or sledging, then I go with all my heart without complaint. I am a klutz and this winter activity comes with some hazard. But hey, if I let my clumsiness limit myself then I will never taste life to the fullest.

And so my Day-27 entry shows photo of people sledding (one of them is my cousin). I don’t have a picture of me doing the same because, duh, I will not endanger myself just to capture the moment. The first time we did it was in Everland (a theme park in Yongin, South Korea) and the second one was today in Nami Island. In the first, we used a tube which is safer (I think) and a plastic sled in the second. During my initial try, when the guy pushed my tube down the hill, I just let out a scream to lessen my fear. Lol! And when my tube bumped on the side along the way down and turned me backward from the direction I was heading to, I tightened my hold on the rope and thank heavens, I reached the finish line without incident — not to mention I was happily laughing and thinking the course was too short for the fun. Try it sometime and you will not regret it.

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    • After having tried it myself, I would agree. It snowed in Busan while we were there. It was my first time to see a real snow. So I went down the condo and got out near the beach and happily let the snow rain on me.