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365 Photo Challenge – Day28

All photos were taken in Nami Island, South Korea. Nami was made famous because of the Korean telenovela (tv series) “Winter Sonata”.

I wrote this blog while waiting for the whole fam to get ready. As usual, we always start pretty late. That is beside the fact that the condo apartment we rented has 2 bathrooms. Lol!

This is my Day-28 entry to 365 Photo Challenge and if you care to join, read the guidelines here.


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Written by HarpingByAPixie

Entrepreneur by day; dreamer by sundown


    • The trip to Nami Island was wonderful as it was mostly about being close to nature. I did wish we have more time to explore the place but it was only a daytime tour and half a day to scour it was not enough. Hey, welcome back!

    • Then your wife and daughter may be queer creatures like me haha. This island is a big hit in my country because many are fond of watching Korean telenovela where they discover places like Jeju, Nami and what-not. I’m not familiar with those but a trip to this place is being closer to nature. I think it would look magnificent in springtime or maybe autumn because of the cherry blossoms.

      • Education should be able to improve ethics and etiquette if a system of education is able to (re) find cultural and ethical roots, teach it to themselves so that the compound with the system itself and then forward it to the students in a proper way.

        • Ahhhh so you are a dreamer as well. In the real world, the powerful few requires obedient workers who don’t ask questions and thus the education system is designed to produce factory worker model. Academies like that of Plato’s will only be a thing of the forgotten past ?

          • Well, that’s it. I was a VP of the Out-of-School Education Consortium for Self Development under the Ministry of Education in my country, also a consultant of various Education and School Institutions. The challenge for the dream came from various lines. It’s all politics and business, then I’m out.

    • Of course…a dreamer who has an ideal vision will not survive in the world of “realists” and would always end up walking away so as to keep his/her principle. Sad. Impressive background btw maybe I should start addressing you sir lol. Most of my professional experience, I worked in the background.

    • Great! I like moms who opt to breastfeed their babies because mother’s milk provide nutrients and anti-bodies that boost the baby’s health and which cannot be sourced from any milk substitute. The statue only illustrates nature.

    • It is quite cold in this island, yes, and I would love to see it on autumn because of its cherry blossoms which we don’t have in my country. This is my fave in South Korea so far