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365 Day Photo Challenge day 49

The contrail crossing the middle of the picture was the intent last night. Due to the limit of a cellular camera, you don’t see just how much of a contrast that trail was. You can see a bit of it against the not quite night sky but not as much as we saw live. Oh well, it was worth the shot! Plus it got me a picture of the challenge. I’ve posted a couple of pictures of the sky on the first big turn of our short walk path. We have five distinct walk paths. The Labs have all five memorized. The walks are divided over time. How much time and how much distance can we cover in the time we have. The longest walk we take is just over five miles; the shortest is just over a mile and a ½.

The 1.5-mile walk is often met with joy by my sons, and frustration by the Labs. They, the Labs, like the longer walks. Although when it is 15 degrees, the longer walks can be a bit of a how much longer will we be cold!

While the boys don’t love the walks, they go. The reason they go is the deal they made that they would walk their dog. Raven, our amazing Black Lab is their dog. So they walk Raven. Or Raven walks them I am never sure who is in charge!


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  1. lol Sounds like our pack. We have to take the car to go to ours. She often goes with me just for rides as well. She will start jumping up and down in the back seat when we get near any of them. She knows the place better than I do. Nice photo, that trail looks so big it looks like a roll cloud. sighs. Thanks for sharing.