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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 25

Today’s picture is the oddity of collections. In particular one of my collections of things. Many years ago in Greenwood, we bought a wonderful corner desk. It has now moved three times; I suspect it will only survive one more. The top has been dinged on the bottom several times.

That said, it is also a great display platform for some of the cray I have collected. Yo-Yo’s were once used as a distraction but also as a way to run wires in ceilings (you could throw the Yo-Yo, with the wire attached, it would fall through the other side, and the wire had been run.

Plus I love Yo-Yos.

The Red fire truck was purchased in Europe in 1972. I have not seen one since the one I bought all those years ago.

The rest of the stuff includes pens. I love pens!

In the background a couple of awards I received.


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