365 Day Photo – Challenge day 20!

There was an odd combination of high and low clouds yesterday evening as we wandered off for our walk. I tried to capture it, but the nuances of a cellular phone camera don’t provide the level of the image required to see it fully. What you do see however is the outlines.

I know that I often rail against the passing of the digital camera and its slow replacement with the cellular phone. In part because you do lose the nuisances of pictures like this. There is, of course, the reality of a tradeoff, and that is of course interesting.

(Anyone can join the challenge, the rules are all over Virily!


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  1. Bringing separate camera and phone is just inconvenient. So yes, we trade off the quality with ease. Much like the same in life. If one does not want to go hungry, one must learn how to cook. If you cannot cook, one must learn how to go hungry. Lol!


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