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Riddu Riđđu – Saami cool wind in the summer heat

On 10 July, the Norwegian Sámi and other indigenous peoples of the world will celebrate the annual music and cultural festival Riddu Riddu. Its name translates from the Sámi as “a small storm at the coast” or “the growing wind from the sea.” The venue of the event – Kåfjord municipality (Troms county, Northern Norway).

This always means bright colors of national costumes, exciting events for the whole family, traditional songs, music, dances and mysterious rites of Sámi wizards! Also you can visit different art exhibitions and theatre productions and take part in Sámi courses + spending the nights in the Nordic style outdoors.

The children will have their own “festival in the festival” here. Every young participant will definitely find something to his liking, taking into account his tastes and age – horse riding, rafting, or hip-hop.

For “old men” about 14-18 years or more – youth program – talks on various interesting topics including politics, environment and so on, football, dancing, community service.

To participate in this program, it is necessary to have a sleeping bag or tent – young people must learn the Sámi way of life. And even though it is summer, you will need warm clothes – it’s real North, after all!

On the territory of the festival there are campsites – for families with children and for all others who are over 18.

Festival program and other useful information –

No one will be bored on this holiday!

P.S. By the way, let’s remember the Norwegian supergroup Keiino – one of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 finalists & favorites of public. Their performance was very original thanks to Sámi rapper Fred Buljo.

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  1. The festival looks very cool – I can tell by the jackets. (joking) Anyway, it is a great article about the festival. I love learning about these kind of things. Thanks!
    Wow, what a beautiful place as well.

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