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5 curious Midsummer facts

Here are 5 Midsummer facts that you may be glad to know:

  • Midsummer is the most popular summer holiday for all family in Scandinavia and some other countries.
  • Its main essence = maypole + bonfire.
  • It is very romantic and the young people love this holiday very much.
  • Norwegians call it Jonsok; for Danes it is called St. John’s Eve; Finnish term is Juhannus.
  • This holiday is not complete without cheerful music and fiery dances!

If you plan to visit one of the Scandinavian capitals on 24 June, it will be great to see Midsummer feast in the following places: Seurasaari (Helsinki), Skansen (Stockholm), Norsk Folkemuseum (Oslo), Nyhavn (Copenhagen).

By the way, it is best to celebrate Midsummer in the lap of nature. Just imagine: clean air, fragrant herbs, blooming fireweed… The real fairytale!

In the evening of the festive day you will enjoy the most interesting and mystical moments of Midsummer: bright bonfires against the dark sky will create a special, incomparable mood. Super good magic in action! Summer Solstice reigns!

A quote from the book by Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder “Sophie’s World”: “There was something in the air. It was Midsummer Eve”.

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Wish you a wonderful holiday!


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