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Taking Out The Sting

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One of the drawbacks of these lovely summer days is insect bites.  There is often no escaping those pesky biters, especially if you are holidaying in a hot country, and once you have been bitten, the itching can be can drive you mad, not to mention the fact that insect bites look so unsightly.

You can minimize your chances of being bitten while on holiday abroad by using some effective natural insect repellents; those made with the plant called neem are a popular choice, as neem is a natural repellent.

Citronella is also a good choice, and you can often find candles made with this, so you can burn these outside to keep the little critters at bay if you sit outside on warm evenings.

If you plan far enough in advance, some time before your trip, increase your intake of vitamin B1, i.e. through a supplement. It is known that B1 can emit a scent which biting insects don’t like, so it reduces your chance of being chomped.

If you do get bitten, calendula is a fantastic soothing option, as is aloe vera gel, which can both help to reduce the itching and inflammation.  Apple cider vinegar is also good, but avoid using it if the skin is broken.  I also find that coconut oil is great for soothing bites and stings: it can help them to heal within a few days.

Be sure to take proper medical advice, though, if you are jetting off somewhere exotic, i.e. an area where you may catch malaria, as this poses an increased risk to your health, and you may need stronger protection, e.g. a vaccination.



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Written by Maggie Bailey


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  1. i Had to go to hospital for red ant bites and had to get them cut open and cleaned. Not nice for 2 days till the bites start to clear up.. This was this week and my foot still has a dressing on 2 times a day.

  2. It definitely is related to smell though, whether or not insects bite you. As it says in my post above, they don’t like the smell of people who are taking vitamin B1 supplements. And I remember once going on holiday with a group of people who all got bitten to pieces by insects, but I don’t think I had a single bite! I was wearing fake tan most days which has quite a strong smell when you first put it on, so I am convinced that scared off the biters.

    • Ah really alx? Thank you for that feedback! Yes, it is science-based, because what you eat affects your body smell, so clearly insects don’t like the smell of the spices which are coming out through your pores! I will remember that tip myself: eat spicy foods when there area lot of insects around!

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