Heading for your Crete Holidays? Here’s how to check the weather conditions for the next days!

It has happened to everybody. Holiday booked. Luggage almost ready. Flight in a couple of days.

What’s the weather like? During spring or autumn, it is difficult to be sure what the weather conditions will be.

It is true that Crete enjoys more than 300 sunny days a year, but the weather can be unpredictable in spring months or autumn months.

Let’s find out some ways we can better organize our vacation and know what to expect from our holidays!

Option 1: If our arrival is within the next 3 days, then we suggest entering the Poseidon System, which provides Official Greek Weather Information operated by Hellenic Center for Marine Research

Select Parameter you are interested in checking: i.e. Rainfall – select date* and at the bottom of the page click on Time Step

You will see depending on the color when it will rain at which region(s).

* It shows up to 3 days after current date

Option 2: If you wish to have more long-term weather forecast visit Accuweather.

At this link we have preselected the region of Heraklion, but you can enter any place of interest in the world.

You can click on ‘Now’ on ‘Weekend’, ‘Extended’ or ‘Month’ to check future days.

By clicking on Now and then on Hourly you will see how the weather will be in the next hours.

Option 3: If you can read some Greek, we recommend using Meteo, (preselected city is Heraklion)

You will see temperature and information of the next 5-6 days.

Option 4. Ask current info & live reporting from any facebook groups about Crete. Visitors currently on the island or  Locals- members of Groups will always be happy to assist and provide useful info!

Some of the facebook group suggestions are:

The Crete-Virus

Kreta Insider (mostly German speaking but not only)

Orea Kriti 

More groups exist and you can always search by location in order to find one 🙂

Let us know in the comments about your thoughts!

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