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Building a Swimming pool in Thailand

You can build a pool in Thailand if you have some spare land to place the pool. Here is how its is done in...

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Building a swimming pool in Thailand

We are building one over the next 7 days and we will show you how its done. 1st job we sort the size and...

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Thai Food – Spicy but really tasty

Do you like Spicy food? If so you will like Thailand we eat lots and lots spicy food. You have a massive choice what...

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We decided to build a Resort home stay and Retirement home complex in Thailand

Somethings you do are never expected. You have an idea and go and do it.Then you look back at what you have done and...

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Royal funeral over five days for its beloved late king Bhumibol Adulyadej Thailand

Starting Oct. 25, Thailand will hold a royal funeral over five days for its beloved late king Bhumibol Adulyadej, following a year of mourning. Sad...

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