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Does God Heal in Response to Prayer?

In 2010 a study was conducted on the efficacy of the laying on of hands in healing prayer. The study was conducted in Mozambique where Christian missionary Heidi Baker works with the sick.

Twenty-four subjects who suffered problems with their vision or hearing were selected. Those ministering prayed over the subjects laying hands on them. If the subject reported an improvement but not complete healing, prayer was continued.

Of the twenty-four, one person reported no improvement. Three had to be excluded because of problems with their initial screening and were unable to participate in follow-up interviews. The remaining eighteen experienced restoration of auditory or visual function.

I don’t know why some people, even people who pray fervently for healing, do not get healed. Some people say that they didn’t have enough faith. That’s garbage. Whether or not we are healed has nothing to do with our own strength or lack of it. We just have to live by faith that God acts for our own benefit. The God who sent His Son to the cross to pay the price for our sins will not fail to act in our best interests.


Harris, Victoria. 2015. Holy Spirit 101. Arise Worship Ministry.

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Written by Gary J Sibio

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  1. I have often wondered about these questions. Interesting enough, I think the essence of God’s love and healing is through love and kindness
    I have been to some faith healing meetings and was shocked to see a lack of compassion for the sick.
    Then I felt for myself, that the most effective is when the experience of God’s true love is very apparent.
    I don’t like hype of any kind. Healing is healing and sometimes, as God says we all go through trials and no reason is given

    • I’ve only been to one healing service and, fortunately, they didn’t seem to have any lack of compassion. However I have seen people healed at prayer meetings which weren’t specifically held for healing. Sadly I think there are a lot of hucksters who are only interested in financial gain. Even then there can be genuine healing because it is God who is the Healer, not the con man, and God is not going to stop His mercy and grace .

  2. There is a reason for everything and sometime what appears to be a handicap really is a blessing. I am blind in one eye. But, I can hear much better than most people and my sense of smell is very strong. I have never been able to see out of that eye, so I do not miss it. I can see enough to live and get by.

    • There’s a passage in the Bible where Jesus and the apostles come across a blind man and the apostles ask Him which of his parents sinned that he was born blind. Jesus said that he was born that way so that God would be glorified. Then Jesus healed him.

      • I remember that story since every time I hear about a disaster around the world, I wonder if that part of the world did something to offend the Lord like the Hurricane Florence or that earthquake and flood in Indonesia.

    • I’ve run into Christians who, if you have not been healed of something, it’s your fault. You didn’t have enough faith as if faith were some unit of currency used to bargain with God. That’s wrong and is damaging spiritually to the person who is already suffering.

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