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The Color Black Meaning

The color black as many of you know can stand for not so positive things, BUT it also stands for comfort as discussed.Click here to discover more things about the color black. Too much black could tend to have us looking on the negative side of life. Some depressing individuals may like black more because they feel comforted in the world of black things. The link above has interesting information. It is not all bad! too much of anything can prove to be bad for some situations. Too little of using a color could mean something, and too much of a color could mean something as well. Read and discover all about the color black.

This dog photo from Pixbay I just had to post, because he is black and sure would bring light to someone’s life, not darkness. I guess it is all in how you look at this color.

I do believe that the colors that surround us can affect our moods, I would call that color therapy.

Image Credit-Pixbay

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  1. I agree with your choice of picture, That beautiful dog would brighten up (even though he is black) you day anytime. Too much of a color is sometimes not too good, I agree. Even the blue of the sky has an adverse effect on me, probably only me in fact. This summer has been an extremely long one here in the Outaouais valley with the sky always blue but the sun was so strong and the humidity so intense that the heat was basically unbearable. I would much rather have the blue sky of winter any day. But that is probably only me.

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