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Spring is like a medicine

As always, all good things come to an end… to make it even better. The days are already very long. The sun rises high and does not spare warm rays. After a few afternoons of warm rain, everything gradually turns bright green…

And a cup of coffee in a lazy afternoon can no longer be drunk in the room, lying under a warm blanket, but going outside, soaking up the bright rays of the sun, enjoying the wide blue sky… How can you not love spring? Impossible, it just amazes…

It’s like medicine. From the sadness that accidentally hit me on a gloomy winter evening. From doubts. From a daily tired routine. From the frequent stress of trying to cheat time and find room for twenty-six or even more hours in a day.

In the spring, living is easier. Because then you want to think less, consider less, less fear… In the spring, you want to give in to emotions, run with the wind, allow yourself to be yourself. And then we realize that life is simpler than it seems. That it’s better than we imagine. More beautiful.

And sometimes it takes very little to understand that miracles are happening around us. That we can fulfill our dreams. That anything is always possible. That we can never deny what we hesitantly say only to ourselves, quietly, maybe only in our thoughts… Because it leads forward. And there may always be a surprise behind the next turn…

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