Shine like a gem…

Aren’t you like that: you put your hands under the water, try to grab the treasure, and it seems  you got it –  it shines between your fingers! And when you get it out, it is just a pebble; when the sun dries, it becomes colorless and uninteresting – like thousands of others.

I am also talking about people here – as long as you do not know each other, as long as you look at them through the ripples of the festive life, then everyone you meet seems extraordinary. But when you catch it, you take it home, and when that shine disappears – then you have to live with a gray field stone.

Some  go again in search of a new treasure, others the same stone dive into the rippling waves and admire it again. And there are ones who warm that gray stone in the palms of their hands and blow life into its heart.

I always welcome such people which the more I get to know, the more they shine in incredible colors. The right person becomes the gem for the right one, even if for others, it is only a gray pebble.

© Fortune, 2020

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