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that chick with the cranes is trying on different outfits – WIP

I regret to inform you that the piece isn’t going very well. Which doesn’t make any sense, since I know exactly what it is supposed to be doing since I’ve already done it! I guess this is what comes from working with witches…

#1 there it is!

no, she isn't a Buddhist. I just haven't given her hair yet...

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#2 grey isn’t white

okay, it can be considered a shade of white mister smart alec...

8 points

#3 you call that white?

just what you needed, a colorblind artist

7 points

#4 bad pose

her left hand is just floating

5 points

#5 that’s better

now it is casting a shadow

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  1. Wow, all that was needed was a shadow. 😃 Well, the fingers seem to have changed too, but I like to believe the shadow was all it took to make the left hand more realistic.

#6 lighter touch

I think I did this one out of order

5 points

#7 stripes

I like those socks, but not for this pose

5 points

#8 why is she sad

she is sadly looking at her empty hand, wondering what happened to her crane

3 points

What do you think?

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  1. You are really struggling with this one. You’ve never posted that many variations that well, were that small in differences.

    Perhaps, a Megatokyo background? something a little brighter to offset? IMHO…

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