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room of cranes – remix

You’ve seen me play around with the hair simulator, but not so much with the fabric simulator. Which is a shame, since the cloth simulation is really quite nice. At any rate, it was time to start messing around with it, and this was the perfect venue

#1 black top

that's the tie fabric I'd use regardless of the top color

3 points

#2 pose

I really don't like the way her skirt falls here

2 points

#3 alternate pose

it looks only slightly better here

2 points

#4 tatami background

see what I mean? it doesn't really interact with the ground plane the way I wanted it to...

2 points

#5 white top

now THAT'S what I'm taking about. except the tie doesn't read against all that black

2 points

What do you think?

7 points


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