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Silly Absurdities For No Real Reason

A little over two years ago I needed a software to ready some images for submission to a tiny local newspaper for an art exhibit I was having. I didn’t really need to use it very often but I started playing around with it. I guess it was a way to kill time while I listened to baseball on the radio. One of my friends likened it to the Etch-a-Sketch that we had when we were kids and that makes sense. Anyway, now there are many of these ridiculous, useless, absurd, and meaningless things on my computer and I can’t really for the life of me explain why. Here’s one of the early ones.


What do you think?

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    • I only use Pixelmator which was practical choice for what I needed to do at the time. It is similar to Photoshop 2.3.1 which is the last Photoshop I used many years ago. Any “new media” or “digital art” I”ve done the last two years is only using that. I have a Cadillac machine and a VW software. lol

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