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Dangerous Ambiguity – WIP

It is unclear what this piece is indicative of, or even what it was meant to be at its inception. While ambiguity can be a good thing, especially in artwork, I think that a lack of clarity may also introduce an element of danger. Not the hot sexy kind featured here but the the more pedestrian ruin your day type

So even though I can get away with it here, being ambiguous is a hazardous habit I need to break


What do you think?

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    • Random in the sense that I didn’t really plan it out, the whole thing just happened without any rationale on my end. That doesn’t happen much…

  1. WIP…she needs an opponent> Ann may have an accidental suggestion regarding flames, this ninjarette should fly though fire. Her breasts kinda seem a bit large for a fitness freak, almost like she just breast fed, lol.

  2. I like this kind of character that gives off a feeling of “cool” and “determination”
    she is probably on a target or have something she wants to do.

    I love her costume and choice of weapon.

  3. I think she is a flying ninja and that it is a good thing for her that she can fly or the flames would eat her before she got on to saving whoever or whatever she is rushing to save. Wonderful eye candy, Alex, nothing wrong with it

  4. I have no questions, just enjoying the art. Her boots are wild as well as her hair draped over one of her beautiful eyes. She is hot, even from my perspective. I like the elbow spikes. And her focused expression.