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Bride of Sketchapalooza

While visiting my parents, I had the occasion to rummage through the garage and look for an old painting I promised to let HarpingByAPixie use as an illustration for her poem. While I wasn’t able to find Drama of Seasons, I did dig up some old sketches that I still like and thought “these are perfect for sketchapalooza”

#1 sphinx thumbnails

thumbnails for the sphinx for Oedipus and the Sphinx, which is a painting that I never finished (mostly because I never started it)

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#2 sabbat roughs

This one I did eventually finish, sorta. It is on my website somewhere, I think. At least it used to be and most likely still is...

Gauntlets? Check. Levis? Check. Bracelets? Check. Am I forgetting anything? I feel like I've forgotten to wear something...

  1. That reminded me of a cousin — one day she was hurrying up to go to the office, all made up, in high heels and skirt with her shoulder bag ready to go except that she forgot to put on a blouse lol — imagine if people like that lives alone hahahaha

#3 ako rough

This is a color rough of a picture I did for my buddy, the mighty Steve Jankewicz. The final was an 11x17 watercolor but this is just colored pencil, marker and gouache

First sketchapalloza of 2018, off to a good start. Meet me back here next month when I raid some old sketchbooks and see what I come up with


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  1. Now, seriously, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for letting me use that painting — NFP, and for going through all the trouble of looking for it. Did I tell you A of ALEX stands for AWESOME? Lol! Hey, I appreciate truly — had I known it would cause you inconvenience, I wouldn’t ask for it.

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