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Portrait Of A Delusionist

This creation is inspired by mental health this is a “self portraitdigital photo manipulation painting.

I have always thought of a odd visualization, at the time this was created, a visualization of what it would be like to let my delusions consume me, what that would effect on me how it completely turns into a vulnerable appearance, a vulnerable self, what it could turn me into, in my past I have had some pretty unaware experience and it wasn’t until I was properly medicated and striving to get better that I realized what my delusions were what I would do in my past what I would say.

When I started to create this all I could think is epic, epic consuming mind thoughts an infected being controlled by their delusions and what it has made them be, a complete epic internal battle and ultimately unaware of what’s around them, what they can’t see.

“Blinded by their mind”.


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Written by Daniel-Loya-III


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