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pink belly dancer – WIP

Let’s begin by thanking everyone who participated in my belly dancer outfit poll, and announcing the winner; purple. Which was a mistake, since the actual outfit is labeled pink. To further complicate matters, my solution was to make her outfit peach…

#1 copper trim

it was about that time I decided to replace most of the gold with copper

  1. I learned by watching them. Most of what drives me is their failures which shaped me to who i’am. We weren’t the richest nor the poorest, but I definitely know what it feels like to be broke! I hate being broke, but I do love to spend and definitely know when to stop.

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#3 work in progress

the veils on the sides are too purple and not translucent enough. otherwise, I really like this...

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  1. Great progress. Love the new colors. All of them, and I realized it wasnt the gold loin cloth that I liked it was the break in colors, you did it here. So pretty.