Beach View – 365 Photos Challenge #1

Beach View From Roxas City’s People’s Park

Beach view from the People's Park, Roxas City, Philippines

Roxas City has a more or less 7 Kilometers beach front with fine gray sands. On a low tide, the shore line could go probably 30 meters or more from the wave breakers.

Coming from the city, you will be greeted by a public place now known as the People’s Park, where you can enjoy the view of the long stretch of the beach, or even take a dip. There are also nearby restaurants where you can enjoy a wide array of seafood and also chicken and pork barbecues.

I will post more about the People’s Park in the days to come.

This is my first entry for the 365 Photos Challenge which I posted earlier.

I will challenge a couple of long time Redgage friends @CarolDM and @Mommyofeli2013 and my Virily friend @Albertherdie

Please see my post (   365 PHOTOS Challenge    )  for the rules and guidelines.


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    • Thanks, Doc. I have to admit , I never thought so much of the details of composition when I took this photo. It was hot and I was using Mt phone. The glare made it a bit difficult to see the image on my screen.
      But your comment though taught me something. Thanks

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