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My father-in-law's paintings

I would like to share some paintings made by my father-in-law. It’s oil painting in the style of realism and this is his hobby. His occupation differs very much from his hobby.

Watching good artwork enriches us I’m sure. I painted only in my childhood and teenage years, then I focused more on music. When I see the artwork of my husband’s father I experience aesthetic pleasure.

Do you attend art exhibitions? What style is your favourite? If you have a hobby what it is and how much it means to you?

    • I love old masters more than contemporary. I love harmony and realism and cannot enjoy modern tendencies… I also like professionalism in art. Good skills demand much time to practice it. However amateur painters sometimes are so cool!

What do you think?

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Written by Natalya Love True Things

I am an unpredictable person, sometimes I am silent and boring for others, at other times joyful and too crazy. Love playing the piano and singing karaoke. I am the fan of Michael Jackson but cannot live without classical music too. I am too much a dreamer. Love pets, animals and nature. I sewed clothes but this hobby was long ago: want to restart. Love sea and swimming, nature, watching beautiful artwork, reading good poetry. I wish I had more friends, want to add more sport to my life...


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  1. Once I get settled in my career as a mental health counselor, I would like to add art therapy as part of my group sessions. I brought it up as an intern, but once I start working in the field I would like to incorporate it.

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