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Making an Adult Coloring Book: Not Easy as it Sounds

A few years ago at Christmas, I received a present that had an impact on me. I was given my first adult Coloring Book. Now by an adult, I don’t mean it was obscene I mean that it’s a type of coloring book that is designed for adults with more intricate designs inside as opposed to the simpler ones for kids. Anyway, I started buying other coloring books and then one day thought what if I were to do this myself.

Turns out my sister whom I am already collaborating with on novels had the same idea of creating her own. So, again we teamed up with me doing the artistic side and her handling the editing along with the technical side. Seems like a great collaboration and something we could handle.  Well, so far we have got five adult coloring books out online these are called Unique Mandalas, Fashionable Women, Beautiful Faces, Angels Among Us and Kaleidoscope Patterns. We also are in the process of getting the sixth one done. But I am here to tell all of you that it wasn’t easy getting this far.  There were moments where I wanted to pull my hair out.

What am I saying there are still moments where I want to pull my hair out or my sister’s hair out, LOL. Yes, we have had fights, why because getting the public domain images is just the beginning of a long process of making the image your own work of art.There is also a whole lot of time going into editing to get just one picture right.One thing I have learned is it’s a good thing I love doing this and being creative otherwise I would probably have given it up by now. So, if you could humor a bit I will go into some of that journey with you in more post. I have already shared one of the websites I have found that took me to the next level and that is free Image Editor in an earlier post that I did, there are other websites I use as well. Anyway, I will also share videos  that we have created on Youtube of these coloring books if some of you are interested in seeing them here as well. For now I thought I would share the image that I created for the cover to Kaleidoscope Patterns that in itself was a whole lot of work and I am proud of it.


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  1. I looked into this too being an artist and there is so much to cover in legal areas and copyright and publishing, not to mention getting it right like you said. For me personally there is too much competition from the digital market for me to go up against it drawing by hand.

  2. I think it’s a very worthy project and everything worthwhile has its dicey moments but now that they are done you can enjoy the whole thing in a more relaxing way. They sound fun (the coloring books I mean).

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