In This Corner of the World Anime/Manga Review

Sunday, August 20, 2017

I spend the rest of Saturday night on the internet, and all of the sudden I noticed the time at 12:12 am and then 1:11 am. I decided to go to sleep.

After feeding Gumby his breakfast, I went on the internet to check on things.  I left around 3 pm and drove across the street to the indie theatre, where I watched a two-hour manga/anime film, In This Corner of the World. It is basically about the hardships and struggles during the war in Japan, which takes place in the 1930s and 1940s. The main character is Suzu, and it starts out from her childhood during the Christmas holiday season. She eventually gets married, but her husband is with the Navy, and he is often fighting in the war. He often visits during certain times and they spent their time together. But life is still hard as she tries to deal with her surroundings. Since she loves to draw, she spends her free time drawing, as well as helping her husband’s family, taking care of their daughter and working around the house. She goes through a lot during this war period, but she manages to keep her sanity and not become hard.

I enjoyed this animated film because of the artwork and story about the harsh reality of war in 1040s Japan, and the people try to live their daily life and deal with situations. It seems more of an adult animated movie.

For a change, I added a video that discusses the background and production of this animated film because it is interesting to learn about the artwork and creative process as well as interviews with the director to learn about the overall production, which took six years to complete.


What do you think?

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