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The Land of Confusion – The Hill of Duality.

Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – The Hill of Duality.

The Truth

Since long long ago  until somewhen, the truth is always contested by various parties.

Truths that are recognized or claimed to be based on absolute things have taken so many victims; lives, costs, environmental degradation and wasted time to think, do, fighting, and also the time taken to remedy the circumstances after the events of seizure, although the result remains the same, no one wins or loses, nothing is proven right and wrong in absolute, except on obsolescence and novelty.

Then can two or more truths collide? or is there any truth truer than which has always being dispute? or there are a misreading, misheard and misunderstood in understanding the messages of truth because of human limitations? or each truth have its own territory? or everything is truth itself? or is this million questions is a secret that should never be answer for the world always have a story?


What do you think?

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  1. Great image here and yes, we all seem to be right until we hear another point of view. Truth can be relative. There are some things that are clear and others are not.

    • Where did the rainbow come from? From what colors can be seen? One for seven.
      Is red a truth? And if green is an ideology contrary to it, it is the core of truth that separates them, and of course they should be able to share the same core of truth, if the human ego can be domesticated, placed as servant, and not master. Thank you for your interesting comment Alx my friend.