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Knowledge Is The Limit of Ignorance.

Think the unthinkable

Imagine never before imagined and unimagined

Feel the experience that can not be felt on the boundary of reality

Enter a reality that is different from mere material reality.

My knowledge is the limit of my ignorance.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of Life of the Cosmos series – Stretched Out of Cocoon


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  1. “…as sure as shore brings cease to seas”. Another of your brilliant philosophies…
    Ignorance is not bothersome until it is “willful”, THAT, I fear, raises my tail fin!
    As always, profound and poignant. >-=^;>

    • It’s lucky we have fins or wings. Unfortunately, not everyone is as fortunate as us, imprisoned in the ego, drifting in fond of torture, burning by hate, liking mental illness, and so on. Peaceful greetings, free man brothers!

    • Basically I agree with your opinion, it’s just that, given the common people’s point of view that is heavily tied to paradigmatic knowledge and belief, which relies heavily on scientific facts (which still very limited) or religious dogma (if not scientific) then I put the knowledge in Ahead, merely showing how indeed the ability of something which is so very very very small to see something unlimited.

    • All that limits us is ourselves. Only by removing the molds that have been implanted in our eyes by all those around us, we can understand and realize that we are truly unlimited. Thanks for the compliment, Carol, you are very kind.