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Graffiti … here and there

Graffiti maybe anything written on a wall. It is always fascinating to see what´s written on the wall.   Sometimes they are names, sometimes symbols and sometimes drawings. Sometimes they are messy, but so far the graffiti I saw were all artistically done. It is self-expression anyway.

Have you ever tried to express yourself by graffiti?


What do you think?

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Written by mavic123456

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  1. Hi mavic123456, that is a lovely photo of graffiti on that big building. The colors are nice. I do not have a place where it is legal to try out graffiti and would not want to vandalize, but people who have skill in this kind of art have made some very nice things. There is also a lot of really ugly graffiti.

  2. Graffiti is considered a form of vandalism in America. I think it makes the city look trashy. If I see artwork that was commissioned and paid for, then I may step back to decide whether or not it’s good art. But if you are damaging somebody’s property without their permission I have a problem with that even if you are a good artist.


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