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The husband locked his wife in the bathroom in fear of the Corona virus

In the European country of Lithuania, the horrified husband from Corona virus locked his wife in the bathroom just because she met with a corona-infected patient a day before. An interesting incident has happened in Lithuania about the fear of the Corona virus.

The woman, who arrived in Lithuania from Italy, told her husband and children that she had met with a corona virus patient during the travel, as soon as the husband and children heard this, they immediately locked her in the bathroom.

After locking wife in the bathroom, the husband called the rescue agency, the rescue team very carefully pulled the woman out of the bathroom and took her necessary medical tests, but the test results showed the woman’s corona virus negative.

Be clear Only one corona virus patient has been confirmed in Lithuania in a population of 28 million, and this person also recently arrived in Lithuania from Verona, the most affected area in northern Italy.

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  1. What. He locked his wife… I am sorry but even him could have become infected by somebody at his workplace or on the street etc. I am sorry about all the people who are dead because of it or are sick with it or in quarantine but as long as you take simple precautions such as washing hands and surfaces and not overly mingle, a person should be OK. The paranoia caused by this virus is going overboard…. Sorry if I am so mean…


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