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Easter Promo – Saint Clarice at Golgotha

If you paid attention during Silence of the Lambs, you will have seen the inspiration for this as a sketch of Lecter’s. I really liked the idea, so I went ahead and worked it all the way up to a painting. And it has a nice Easter feeling so it made sense to use it as my promo piece for this year. But I’m going back to fanservice after this, never you fear…

#1 promo

for the promo piece, I did some effects to simulate an old painting- to see what it looks like without those effects and the copy, keep scrolling down...

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#2 rough sketch

Since I really wanted this piece to have a renaissance vibe, I made an effort to do the rough sketch after the style of da Vinci, conte on parchment and then I even did the backward writing

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#3 release version – giclee print

I let my lighting and palette be informed by the works of the old masters, but not after any one in particular. Indeed, there is a mix of northern and southern renaissance influences here...

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