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a two part study of Blair – WIP

I need to do some more lighting tests, just to get back into the habit of really setting up an optimal rig. Why? Because the whole piece is dependent upon lighting and the difference between a good piece and a bad piece is often mostly a lighting issue

Here the difference is literally night and day. At any rate, no wardrobe yet because I am just doing light tests and even though I like that hair, it is problematic so I would most likely replace it if I were to do a serious render based on either of these pieces

#1 nighttime study

I can't remember if this is a single light or not but it seems like a lone light source, doesn't it? Note how different this one is from the daylight piece...

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#2 daytime study

This rig has a light on either side of her and then an ambient source... pretty standard for outdoor photography...

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#3 rough sketch

this has nothing to do with lighting at all, but I know how much you guys like rough sketches, so here is come conte on toned paper

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  1. I really like this works of this person. Im doing some characters out of a book now, just rough sketches from Jesus of Nazareth. However, I will try to complete a story board of rough sketches and see how it does.
    Not going to do these on a computer just photograph the drawings.


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