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Double V – WIP

Some folks wonder why the Japanese are always flashing peace signs in photographs. They aren’t. They learned to do that from watching American soldiers throwing the V for victory when taking pictures. But the Japanese didn’t understand what the gesture meant, they just copied it. Nobody has the heart to tell them now…

But technically when the Japanese do it now, it isn’t a peace or victory sign- it means something else to them

#1 work in progress

So she's a goth otaku? Okay I guess but what does she listen to?

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#2 alternate version

Some of my abstract backgrounds kinda suck but it is hard to tell what they'll be like until it is too late. Which is one of the reasons I like a skyline so much, they're easy to get right

Note how the diagonal changes the apparent composition, though...

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#3 rough sketch

more of a value study, really...

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What do you think?

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