Looking From a High Place

Once again, I’m indulging my gargoyle fetish. This time I decided to do a Parkes tribute but I only wanted it to be informed by his work as opposed to an effort to do a reproduction. The young girl and the lush skyline are certainly a nod in that direction, while the marble pillar borrows more from Alma-Tadema. Actually, since both the gargoyle and the pillar are unpolished there is a huge departure

As per usual, the gargoyle and its companion are looking down upon the world. I’m not saying they are passing judgment but they are not a part of the world beneath. They are separate and enjoy a different vantage point…

#1 release version

This was the one time I didn't like the core shadow but it was easy enough to fix... The golden quality of light really adds to the atmosphere

#2 statue render

the dark pupils make her statue render appear to be staring intently at something

#3 rough sketch

Note the alternate hairstyle but otherwise the same deal


What do you think?

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  1. The day after first viewing this post I put the Gorillas CD “Plastic Beach” in my car CD player. I had never played attention to the lyrics to track 3 “Rhinestone Eyes” before… “I’m a scary gargoyle in a tower/ that we me with plastic power…”

  2. I love the gargoyle, the color of the sky, the face of the girl (especially the eyes and the braided hair) and damn, the way she sit down on the edge. She looks like she is staring intently at something, yes; but then again it could also be at nothing — it has that faraway or detached look somehow. Fond of high places these days Mr. A?


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