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Dive – WIP

the background for this is still unresolved, and she also needs some blade runner style flying police cars to chase her down. but the pose and the car are pretty much how I wanted them to be…

#1 HDR

now it is sharp. perhaps a bit TOO sharp

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#2 lomo

the rim lights pop out a bit more

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#3 raw

nothing wrong with it, but not much good about it either

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  1. The color of the shades does bring out a different attitude. Too understated for most but it does have a certain effect. A light tickle.

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#4 soylent red

it's people- SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!! wait, what do you mean this is soylent red? sorry, this one is okay... it's algae. soylent red is algae

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What do you think?

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  1. Where is the fifth and the sixth one…? More variants please
    You have a problem with gun…, your usual problem with the intensity of the front and back objects… Although you gave it the right shadow, it’s still the same intensity…..

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